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    Official Youtube Channel of

    I want the old tournament back
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    Closed Banned again

    How the hell did I harass girl? u added another one into this case, interesting
  3. Bouziane

    Closed Banned again

    First of all, I respect everyone as long as they give me some respect too. I want you to notice and read the chat carefully showing a player candy was the first one who mocked me by saying shut up kid so I mocked him back naturally but not insulting his family or using very offensive words...
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    Closed Banned again

    What on Earth is going on here? You Sinzor_d just became VIP admin or support admin I don't care who you are then you enter and you could throw and do what ever you like? Come on; give me one logical reason that I deserve ban permanent. Come on, did I insult someone's mothers or disrespecting...
  5. Bouziane

    Closed Banned for unclear reason

    I didn't anticipate being banned permanent; I joined server today usually and I figured out I am banned permanent, but for what reason? This guy Paradise always harassing by abusing his power (AMX-mode) like his did to me last 2 weeks banning me for a week and now a permanent ban. Now I...
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    bitabi3at l7al nta kenti achhar wa7ed fpg. rak labas

    bitabi3at l7al nta kenti achhar wa7ed fpg. rak labas
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    Speak chat

    There will be no issue with voice as long as admins are active and do their duties that's it.
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    Speak chat

    Admins can mute them by using add_gag command
  9. Bouziane

    gag all players below level 5

    Have you lost your mind?
  10. Bouziane

    Closed Apply for admin

    Why not
  11. Bouziane

    Closed Camping

    @DDaenG No need to replace, just add camper zone as simple as that. We need to keep old maps alive till the end of our lives
  12. Bouziane

    Closed Camping

    There's an issue I want shed light on regarding Zombie escape server. When I was playing on map ze_Box_Final, I noticed players found a perfect spot where they can camp for long time which causes unbalance game playing between the teams. In general, players have to press the buttons "A+W" to...
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    Well, it's their duty to do such this thing

    Well, it's their duty to do such this thing
  14. Bouziane

    Please add this STEAM_0:0:202676262 to my sync, thank you

    Please add this STEAM_0:0:202676262 to my sync, thank you
  15. Bouziane

    Closed Failed to contact game server

    I am tried to log in the server after a long time inactivity, but it appears saying I can't contact the server. I've tried many time but nothing works. Also the server has disappeared from the favorite list servers. Any solution?
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