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    Closed Report 1st admin .

    Well He Is Still Learning So No Need To Push, And Don't Worry We Will Debate This Thing & Thanks For Your Report Bro We Appreciate It .. Peace 👍 LOCKED
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    Zombie Escape Updates Zombie Escape Updates

    Great Updates
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    Closed Admin Application

    Not Now LOCKED
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    Closed Apply For Admin

    Complete 50 Hours First, Then You Can Apply LOCKED
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    Closed UNBAN.

    This is the wrong section bro .. and i see that you found where to post so good luck LOCKED
  6. Paradise ~!~i

    Zombie Escape Updates Zombie Escape Updates

    That's good 🎉
  7. Paradise ~!~i

    Closed Apply for Admin

    Welcome Back LOCKED
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    Closed Admin.

  9. Paradise ~!~i

    Closed Admine request

    Not Now LOCKED
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    Closed boost

    No need to share it here LOCKED
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    Closed uhuyy apply for admin

    You've Been Chosen LOCKED
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    Info New Admins

    New Admins In ProGaming.Ba Servers. Zombie Escape Server : uhuyy Congratulations & Good Luck .. Wait On Server For Support Admin To Activate Your Adminship
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    Closed hello unban

    No Unban Request For 1 Day Ban, Follow Rules And You Will Be Fine LOCKED
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    Closed ProGaming ZombieEscape Gameplay

    This Video Has Copyrights LOCKED
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