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  1. Bouziane

    Closed Banned again

    What on Earth is going on here? You Sinzor_d just became VIP admin or support admin I don't care who you are then you enter and you could throw and do what ever you like? Come on; give me one logical reason that I deserve ban permanent. Come on, did I insult someone's mothers or disrespecting...
  2. Bouziane

    Closed Banned for unclear reason

    I didn't anticipate being banned permanent; I joined server today usually and I figured out I am banned permanent, but for what reason? This guy Paradise always harassing by abusing his power (AMX-mode) like his did to me last 2 weeks banning me for a week and now a permanent ban. Now I...
  3. Bouziane

    Closed Apply for admin

    Why not
  4. Bouziane

    Closed Camping

    There's an issue I want shed light on regarding Zombie escape server. When I was playing on map ze_Box_Final, I noticed players found a perfect spot where they can camp for long time which causes unbalance game playing between the teams. In general, players have to press the buttons "A+W" to...
  5. Bouziane

    Closed Failed to contact game server

    I am tried to log in the server after a long time inactivity, but it appears saying I can't contact the server. I've tried many time but nothing works. Also the server has disappeared from the favorite list servers. Any solution?
  6. Bouziane

    Closed Unfair ban ( Bouziane )

    Can you explain this please? P.S I am not Arjan. If I am, please prove it
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