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    Closed fps drop retake server

  2. Claudio-vip


    I can agree with that,who listens to same song over and over again.I'm sure if we were putting some songs every play would disable it after 1 week. + I don't want to stay 10 minutes to download some songs which I will never listen to.
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    Closed Prijava za Retake Admina

    Bro this is zombie escape section,to do a retake admin application you should do a post on this section over here => Locked.
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    Closed Admin

    You need to make at least 50 hours and to be more active,reach 50 hours and if you think you're ready to make an admin application after 2 weeks go on. For now we can't give you a chance yet. Locked.
  5. Claudio-vip

    Closed Help me

    Deleting the map will make no difference,go to cstrike/models/ze_jurassicpark2/computer3.mdl and delete it.If that doesn't work give me a pm to help you.
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    Closed Report Srdj@n

    We didn't make the rules for no reason,next time I'll not be so gentle,seriously now,these are not too many rules....
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    Closed iam realy sorry please give me last chance

    I don't think you need to be very smart to understand how a forum works Use the model from that link and make a correct thread like other people. Locked.
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    Closed Zombie escape

    Translate:Speak our language then, one of ours will better explain to you than these Englishmen and characters from there somewhere behind God's feet Didn't you like how ddaeng answered to him or you want a croatian to come and explain to him in croatian? if he don't knows english he can...
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    Info Zombie Escape Data Recovery

    You said you had level 27,we don't play with levels.I'll chech database then you will get lvl 29 if that's your real levels
  10. Claudio-vip

    Closed Report admin Zif for noreason gag + ban

    Zif showed proof so we will not discouss other things on this topic. Locked.
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    Closed Report admin Zif for noreason gag + ban

    You were admin so many months and you didn't know that you couldn't use gag ungag so fast? You're lying right now but anyway.
  12. Claudio-vip

    Closed Report admin Zif for noreason gag + ban

    I thought this report was made for the gag and the ban.And can I know why do you fight again on the server and forum? I thought I was clear last time when I told you to stop talking to each other if you can't be friends.Do we have to give punishments again?
  13. Claudio-vip

    Closed Unban Boshkovski OPEL POWER!

    Same ip,is you,stop talking shits you can't defend yourself now. You will get unban and we will remove 2000 escapes as a punishment. Locked.
  14. Claudio-vip

    Closed Unban Boshkovski OPEL POWER!

    You say he messages you while he has the same IP ADDRESS AS YOURS,WHO DO YOU TRY TO FOUL?
  15. Claudio-vip

    Closed Unban Boshkovski OPEL POWER!

    U Your Friend stays in the same house as you right,cool
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    Closed Weapon idea "Suicide Vest"

    He thinks plugins are made in 10 min.
  17. Claudio-vip

    Closed Weapon idea "Suicide Vest"

    Bro,we want to keep the ze classic,so not many people has to suffer with fps drops etc,these ideas are for zombie pleague or zombie biohazard
  18. Claudio-vip

    Closed toilet thoughts

    N Not bad actually.