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    Info Free Games Announcements

    Two new free games on steam until 23 of this month From 20€/$ to free: From 10€/$ to free:
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    happy birthday bro 🎂

    happy birthday bro 🎂
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    Closed just a question.

    the "no bugged" one is an old clip where we certainly changed some things and it became the "bugged" one which is the recents clip. so it something was in server and we removed it, it's not a bug. Locked.
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    Info New Admins

    Congratulation and good luck!
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    Info Free Games Announcements

    game collectors, it's free instead of 30€ and the promotion end today so don't miss it
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    Happy birthday bro

    Happy birthday bro
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    Closed New Admins

    Congratulations guys and good luck!
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    Closed Unban me

    You were banned a long time ago by the previous support for toxic and troll, you made unban request on that time but he didnt unban you, until today no one unbanned you, you was able to play because of the ovh fire which unfortunately caused the data loss (where your ban data is located). what...
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    Info Free Games Announcements

    grap it before the end of the promotion, it's free instead of 3€/$
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    i didn't know there is such a thing, Happy Raksha Bandhan then : )

    i didn't know there is such a thing, Happy Raksha Bandhan then : )
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    @MunNaa You must have at least 50h played on server before you make an admin application, which is not your case. Be active, reach the 50h or more and then make another application, good luck Locked.
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    Closed New Admins

    Congratulations and good luck!
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    Closed Back after a big pain

    welcome here again, and glad to know you defeated this virus
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    Closed apply for admin

    good week activity, good behavior and i didnt use any cmds on you, yes
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    Closed Unban request

    Hi @The boss, this is not the right section to make an unban application, and the format is not correct also. i remember you already made 2 unbans before on this account @Voiz-oN and you was rejected by @Claudio-vip so you should know how things work and where to post... make new one here ...
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    good week activity, Yes for temp
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    @Penetration this is cs 1.6 zombie escape section and we don't ask for steam profile link, so i guess you wanted to apply for csgo servers, scroll down forum you will find 3 section of csgo servers, you apply on the one you want to be admin in, Good luck. Locked.
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    Closed Help me

    Problem solved Locked.
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