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  1. Paradise ~!~i

    Info Zombie Escape Data Recovery

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    Closed Admin Request

    You've Been Chosen LOCKED
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    Info New Admins

    New Admins ================================================================================ Zombie Escape: TerrorYT ==================================================== • Selected Admin Please Wait On The Server For A Support Admin To Activate Your...
  4. Paradise ~!~i

    Info Zombie Escape Data Recovery

  5. Paradise ~!~i

    Let's Go Guys New Map, And Others Will Be Added Soon :love:;)

    Let's Go Guys New Map, And Others Will Be Added Soon :love:;)
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    Closed Apply for Admin

  7. Paradise ~!~i

    Closed Admine request

    No, And Stop Spamming Or You'll Get Ban LOCKED
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    Closed Unban Request RaGnArOg

    We'll Give You One Last Chance, And If It Happened Again You'll Not Be Unbanned .. Pm Me IF You Have Problems Joining The Server LOCKED
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  10. Paradise ~!~i

    Closed Unban Request

    You'll Never Learn, You Came Today In The Server Again To Scam Us With Other Nicks, No Unban For Such A Scammer LOCKED
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    Closed Admin please

    The Application Is Not Valid .. Plus You're Not Active LOCKED
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  13. Paradise ~!~i

    Closed Apply for admin

    No .. Even This Is Not The Right Section To Apply LOCKED
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    Closed For Admin

    This is not the right section, invalid apply .. plus you don't have 50h so don't make any apply now LOCKED
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    Info Forum and server accounts sync

    Added VIP, Ty For Donations
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    Closed Prijava za AWP ONLY Admina

    Hello Bro ... This is The Wrong Section, It's For Applying For Zombie Escape Server, If You Wanna Apply Go Apply Here Is The Right Section You're Looking For And Good Luck ---> LOCKED
  17. Paradise ~!~i

    Closed Apply for admin

    Try To Be More Active, You Don't Play Much LOCKED