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    Info Welcome again!

    Hello gamers, pg will continue with forum and ze server cuz now we have good and free hosting. this resources (host) will be shared with other people but that will not affect any performance. ze server will have some changes updates in future. im seeking for new engine but as i can see...
  2. Closed Apply for unban

    Last 2 weeks I posted a thread for unban but I see like staff keep enjoying me I just want to joing server and participate in the competitions with my friends so pls unban me in the server and in my forum acc to pls
  3. sky

    Info Card Pay Zombie Escape Shop

    Different card payment methods are available on payments link (GPay, Klarna, Master etc...)
  4. sky


    From now on i will ban permanetly multiple accouns on forum and delete all data related , including escape account... GL.
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    Info Zombie Escape Rank Stats

    Zombie Escape rank is now displayed on forum, on your account details:

    Stick ProGaming.Ba Server IPs

    CS 1.6 Zombie Escape: or TeamSpeak3: or