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    Info Weekly account report

    - Just for synced player - Server BOT will send you private message on weekly basis about all account information: this is just idea, vote pool is there to see your opinion. TY.
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    Info All Available Player Commands

    ZOMBIE ESCAPE PLAYER COMMANDS Command Description Command Available in Chat Command Available in Console Command to see TOP 15 escapers or RANKING ingame /top15 .top15 /rank .rank top15 rank Command to see your STEAMID ingame /id .id /steamid .steamid id steamid Command to see...
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    Info Zombie Escape Rank Stats

    Zombie Escape rank is now displayed on forum, on your account details:
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    Stick Zombie Escape Double Rate Account Upgrade

    New account updrage duration added, players who want to reduce time to reach the max level can purchase this account upgrade trough forum. EVERY ESCAPE WILL COUNT DOUBLE! Account upgrades you can find here: Money from every purchase goes to our account...
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    Info TeamSpeak 3 Server and Forum Sync

    Go to account settings: Click on TeamSpeak, then "Connect to server" , when u enter server press "ctrl+i" and copy your Unique id, then go to forum and click on "Sync..." Paste your Unique id ans click sync again, if all good you are succesfull synced your ts client with forum. With...
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    Info Antiproxy whitelist request

    Here you can request your ip to be whitelisted on our antiproxy system. Link to double check your ip on our system:
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    Info Zombie Escape Boss Fight

    Updates for boss fight will be posted here HITBOX BONES Apr 10, 2021 UPDATE: - increased fight time from 7 to 8 minutes - increased time between enrages to 120 sec, before was 60 sec - boss damage is so defined now (probably will be balanced more) - slightly reduced boss speed also...
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    Zombie Escape Updates Zombie Escape Updates

    Here i will post new updates so stay tuned. UPDATE Server > Forum: UPDATE Server: 27.04.2021 Introducing ACHIEVEMENTS - added achievements in 5 diferent sections (can be more later), every section has 5 upgrades (can be more later) with diferent goals and rewards: 1. BOSS WINS 2. BOSS...
  9. †G͙A͙R͙A͙Y͙E͙V͙†

    Stick ProGaming.Ba Server IPs

    CS 1.6 Zombie Escape: or Retake #1: Retake #2: Retake #3: Retake #4: Deatmatch FFA: Arena 1v1: Execute...
  10. C

    Info Zombie Escape Data Recovery

    On this thread players can ask for their lost levels on Zombie Escape Server Model Example: Nickname: Level: Old STEAMID: New STEAMID(if it is changed): Reason: NOTE: Achievements are not recoverable. Remember to sync your account to avoid data loss...
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    Info How to apply for Admin/Kako konkurisati za Admina?

    How can I apply for admin? Press Post Thread button on right corner up and fill following blanks Example: (dont copy) Picture: Zombie Escape Staff