zombie escape

  1. sky

    Info Zombie Escape (gameplay, win conditions, description)

    Overview This mode is round-point-level based, very similar to most modes. Zombie Escape Mode Zombie Escape Mode - Extended (Zombie Unique) For speed/level/escape point distribution info visit thread below: https://www.progaming.ba/threads/zombie-escape-level-escapes-distribution.60/ For...
  2. sky

    Info Map win streak achievement ??

    Let me know if you are interested in this achivement, name said it all, map win streak. Means if u reach win streak (only if human won the map) lets say for example 5 maps in a row every player gets as reward escapes and +1 total achievement count (new in stats, see in account details)...
  3. sky

    Info All Available Player Commands

    ZOMBIE ESCAPE PLAYER COMMANDS Command Description Command Available in Chat Command Available in Console Command to see TOP 15 escapers or RANKING ingame /top15 .top15 /rank .rank top15 rank Command to see your STEAMID ingame /id .id /steamid .steamid id steamid Command to see...
  4. Ziad


    Hi. i am playing Zombie escape server from 2 years. and my experience is good and when my day be free i can play 5-6hourse i want to be admin because i play in time dont be have admin and i see many trollers and insulters so i see its will be ok if i can help by admin work... thank you
  5. Danial

    Closed Danial in Malaysian

    I want admin but all bad he i'm can cry why me cant vip or admin
  6. sky

    Stick Zombie Escape Double Rate Account Upgrade

    New account updrage duration added, players who want to reduce time to reach the max level can purchase this account upgrade trough forum. EVERY ESCAPE WILL COUNT DOUBLE! Account upgrades you can find here: https://www.progaming.ba/account/upgrades Money from every purchase goes to our account...
  7. nixnzd

    Closed Apply admin

    Hello guys! I'm very active player,I have good behaviour and i'm so sorry if I did something wrong and I will try my best :)
  8. nixnzd

    Closed Apply admin (nixnzd)

    Im very active and i can help the server and i can use amx commands
  9. ziFaaaaah

    Closed VIP Giveaway Winners

    Hello Progaming Zombie Escape Players Today i am announcing the Winners for the VIP Competition which was hosted by @Paradise ~!~i and @ziFaaaaah. • 1st Place: @Messin Around with 1 Month VIP. • 2nd Place : @Kamper with 15 Days VIP. • 3rd Place : @The Black D!vel with 10 Days VIP. • 4th...
  10. The Black D!vel

    Closed Apply for admin devil

    Hi I'm very active in server and i can help server in night and sorry for being inactive for a week because my home was without internet but now i have it and i'm very active
  11. ziFaaaaah

    Closed VIP GIVEAWAY - Competition by Paradise ~!~i and ziF/aaaaah

    Hello everybodyyyy Celebrating 50k damage on boss fight with 5 VIP's. Each winners get 1 month vip. How to Participate? Type anything under my Topic so your name is saved on the list. The giveaway is gonna end on 16/5/2021. next sunday at 10:00PM CET. VIP Admin (@Paradise ~!~i ) gonna choose...
  12. sky

    Info Zombie Escape level escapes distribution

    Currently max level is 50. Default Human speed is 250 , every levelup you gain +1 speed point , +1 armor point and +1 health point Default Zombie speed is 310 , first zombie have 16K hp if VIP then 20K , second zombies have 8K hp if VIP then 10K Level distribution: Every levelup u will see...
  13. sky

    Info Antiproxy whitelist request

    Here you can request your ip to be whitelisted on our antiproxy system. Link to double check your ip on our system: https://www.progaming.ba/pages/proxy-check/
  14. Sandman

    Closed Giveaway (Cancelled)

    PC is back bois!!! Let's hope giveaway is gonna be too:censored:
  15. sky

    Info Zombie Escape Boss Fight

    Updates for boss fight will be posted here HITBOX BONES Apr 10, 2021 UPDATE: - increased fight time from 7 to 8 minutes - increased time between enrages to 120 sec, before was 60 sec - boss damage is so defined now (probably will be balanced more) - slightly reduced boss speed also...
  16. sky

    Zombie Escape Updates Zombie Escape Updates

    Here i will post new updates so stay tuned. UPDATE Server > Forum: UPDATE Server: 27.04.2021 Introducing ACHIEVEMENTS - added achievements in 5 diferent sections (can be more later), every section has 5 upgrades (can be more later) with diferent goals and rewards: 1. BOSS WINS 2. BOSS...
  17. sky

    Info Forum and server accounts sync

    To sync your account do folowing: Go to server open your console and type account or in chat /account Copy (ctrl+c) your account id, in this case its: STEAM_0:1:23456789-test !!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!! IF YOUR NAME CONTAINS SOME SPECIAL CARACTERS LIKE %&/()!¨ OR SPACE THAT CARACTER WILL BE...
  18. †G͙A͙R͙A͙Y͙E͙V͙†

    Stick ProGaming.Ba Server IPs

    CS 1.6 Zombie Escape: ze.progaming.ba or ze.progaming.ba:27015 Retake #1: csgo.progaming.ba:27016 Retake #2: csgo.progaming.ba:27017 Retake #3: csgo.progaming.ba:27018 Retake #4: csgo.progaming.ba:27014 Deatmatch FFA: csgo.progaming.ba:27019 Arena 1v1: csgo.progaming.ba:27041 Execute...
  19. Claudio-vip

    Info Zombie Escape Data Recovery

    On this thread players can ask for their lost levels on Zombie Escape Server Model Example: Nickname:Claudio-vip Level:27 STEAMID:STEAM_0:0:123456789 Reason:Inactivaty NOTE: Achievements are not recoverable. Remember to sync your account to avoid data loss...
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