Stick Deathmatch updates


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Mar 23, 2021
I will post here updates related our Deathmatch (FFA MultiCFG) server.

Update 03.04.2021

I made source update on Deathmatch. We are using other type of dm now.

Small updates made:

- Added countdown on screen for config changes (Round type changes)

- Normal deathmatch rounds will contain only Rifles as primary guns.

- HP and AP bonus adjustement: Now you will get bonuses on your need. If your HP is below 75 you will get only HP bonus. More than 75 you will get HP and AP or only AP. Depends on situation (your hp value, ap value, hs or not)
Didn't touch max values (max 100 hp, max 100 ap)

- Helmet removed from Pistol rounds.

- Spawn protection is 2 seconds now. But if you start shooting earlier than 2 second, you will lose the protection.

- Added glowing for players with spawn protection.

- Removed !hs