New member
Jun 19, 2021
Hello everyone !
So i'd love to suggest to some models on server be changed

So for VIP awps this one would look great:

For the ZMs I got more than one suggests but this is how would I put them : - Bitten ZMs normal - VIP ZMs - This could be Bitten or Normal spawned zm against the big papa zm. So this one and woman can be as a VIP zms - Spawned ZMs normal

For CTs also like ZMs I have more for suggestion but this is the way how would I put them : - Vips - Level 15-20 - Level 10-15 - Level 5-10

For the knives I wouldnt change that much but these are also great : - Level 1-5 - Level 5-10 -Level 15-20 - Level 25+

So hope these models are that good and be putted in game !
Thanks if you checked all models !
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