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THe Rock

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May 16, 2021
My name is Bilal, I am 27 years old, of Algerian origin. I consider everyone here as a member of the family. I did not swear for the purpose of cursing. Rather, my goal was greater, and only high-end minds would understand me. I was defending teamwork, team spirit, and respect for all, sacrificing myself for the general interest of the integrated team under the slogan Brothers, and I do not regret having to use a harsh and frank method. I give the summary from the conversation directly to strengthen the meaning and embody it in a tangible form when the players or the old officials persist in making mistakes to deliver the information because I am a practical person who interacts with the game with a leading personality. I lived an integrated life. I am not afraid of the challenge and I do not allow negligence on either side. My personality is me and the rest depends on your way of thinking. I am very sorry for every person I have wronged one day by cursing. I had already resolved to change positively by playing the tone of the machine gun as a melody. And my message to all those who hate me because I always say the word of truth in defense About the unity of the group in my own way, I am not unjust or arrogant, but you are the one who sees yourself as small in front of me and everyone forgives us because we are alive. Over:coffee:
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