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Mar 30, 2021
Interesting idea... but it is better to ze classic, how much but mods but the server gets heavy for those who have a weak PC, so it is better to stay as it is even.
yeah i understand, which is why i think it is better uses as a tool for the admins to use against the players.

i don't know what a plug in is or how it works, but lets assume one could be made for detecting people who are using
speed hacks
bunny hopping
radio spam

all of which are complaints for the server.

where if you're detected with this, you are equipped with a vest and explode instantly dying for using hacks.

I know not everyone has a great gaming computer but you don't always need one

and now for a complete rant!

counter strike 1.6 was initially released on November 9th 2000 and obviously was intended to run on the computers at the time, so we're talking windows 98, 2000 and ME

we're still using steam here people so i'm assuming that people have at least windows 7 capability and 1GB of RAM

even in a low connection area, those who are connected seem to be doing quite well for themselves.

a mod doesn't have to be graphically demanding, nor does it need to be installed on the player side.

further more its 2021, the chances of someone having a computer that old are incredibly unlikely, its highly doubtful people are running 512RAM on a windows 95 computer, still using dial up.

most computers being used today even in the poorest regions of the world are no more than 5 years old, computers (especially laptops) which are about 7 years old + simply just stop working over time, i have turkish neighbours and i look at their laptops all the time, their laptops are over 5 years old, haven't even had their drivers updated (which I suggest you all do by the way)

so when i propose some kind of modification, the arguement of "people don't have good gaming systems" is complete and utter tripe in my humble opinion.

I can understand wanting to keep the server classic, which is fine, I can respect that.

my suggestion at this point is to create a plug in for an anti cheating system with the suicide vest as the foundation behind it.

as the valve anti cheating system isn't supported on this private server.

perhaps the vest can equip then slay to reduce graphical demand, or if not, the vest something which might have a smaller graphical change, such as a silly hat, this way the hacker can be clearly marked for the player.

you use hacks = auto slay

only admin can ban.

this system will create a short list of players for admin to look out for and to use the ban hammer on.

I personally think using the vest would be a great way to publically humiliate the trolls and hackers, they come here to cause problems for us, what happens when we shame them publically?
no more troll!

I admit to my idea not being great for players to use, i get that some people want a classic server and all that is totally fine.

however, we should seriously entertain the idea of using something which is a mod as part of a plug in or a system to prevent cheaters, trolls and hackers.

you're steam account / in game name is tracked (this way if its changed it is still applied) and you have a system which is set up to catch the people reducing admin stress.

admin can make sure things work as intended and supporting the community, maybe running special events
#quadrupleescapeweek! #allescapesx2evendoubleexp

the server is not protected by the valve anti cheating software, having our own form of it isn't a bad idea.

if that equates to auto equiping and using a suicide vest on someone to prevent them from trolling i don't see the harm in it.

the other day the server was full and claudio used a specific admin command which literally made someone explode all across the boss map, it was truly awesome.

so unless you're running windows 95 and using dial up and are living on the moon.
the server can handle the change and more importantly so can you!

using the vest as the foundation of an anti cheat system to support the admin and strengthen the community

is a good idea

within the world of video games, video game development and a games respective community, there are several examples of large groups of players coming into the game and trolling and making the game completely unplayable due to exploitable mechanics or lack of staff.

again I admit that as a weapon for players to use in PVP, maybe its not a great idea.

however as an anti troll/hacker deterant i think it works.

its my understanding that the owners and staff want people to boost the server, this will grow the community, this will ultimately in turn mean more money for the server as VIP is dirt cheap.

but when there are so many people
the admin's are away
and people start hacking
you're going to have a MUCH bigger problem and naturally a higher demand on the work load to deal with it.
deadlines will be shorter as demand and expectation is higher
this will lead to a collapse of the community and dead servers

this is how it has happened in many many games before and will continue to happen unless something is done to manage the situation.

people aren't boosting the server because over the last month there has always been some troll, some drama, some hacker on the server and admins take 2 - 3 rounds to deal with it.

some admins will first slay
then not ban
even when the players are saying "he's done it again!"
over the last week i've noticed a massive drop in admin staff (maybe i'm just not playing that much)

so I have to ask one very serious question

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