zms infections in double XP time


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Mar 30, 2021
i've noticed that there have been changes to the escape reward rates in game

however zms still only get 1 escape per 3 infections, technically in double exp time they should get 2 its not something i actively noticed before, however double exp time has been a thing due to server population and set times for a while now, i think given some of the recent changes this should be ammended <3

if not going to count towards 2 escapes, perhaps 1 infection could count during this time as 2 infections for the achievement, considering its 1000 escapes for the achievement, help nudge people a long just a little bit better. when you end up with 800 escapes to get between levels, every little bit helps. trust me.

at over 130 hours of game time on this game believe me it'll be worth it.
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