Info Zombie Escape Boss Fight


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Mar 25, 2021
hello sky, last night i had boss fight and the boss killed me. i didnt got respawn but others got

Ner0* killed self with Boss
BOSS : Ner0* run faster next time!!!
[BOSS FIGHT] az sum :D :d has been respawned!


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Mar 24, 2021
behind you
little feedback, great update there we still get some sacrifices its normal.

- increased fight time from 7 to 8 minutes
- increased time between enrages to 120 sec, before was 60 sec
- boss damage is so defined now (probably will be balanced more)

- slightly reduced boss speed also defined by his rage counter
- added player respawn ability, if u die u will get one more chance to defeat boss, but your escape and dmg counters are reseted back to 0, respawn wait time is 30 sec, if in that 30 sec boss dies or time expire your respawn counter is stoped and u will count as dead at calculating escapes.

More updates soon, so stay tuned!
thank you :D

Captain Thunder

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Mar 24, 2021
The Top Of The World -Kathmandu, Nepal.
i have a small suggestion about boss fight.. why u don't put a background music in boss round it will make it more exciting

and players will like it

a music background suggest :
Omg this background sound is epic. Sky bro i also go with sinzor bro. Please add this background song. Players will also love it.
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