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Kaniel Outis

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Nov 22, 2021
Hello, I am Sohaib from Algeria My age is 24 . I am an old player with you in servers and I was absent for a while due to circumstances. As you know, when someone reaches maturity, he will go to work and ... We return to a topic I wanted to ask you to be addicted because I love this very good server and I want to be always In server so that they do not disturb the hackers, I want to be useful to you and provide help, and I promise you that I will be honest with you, and I promise not to let any hacker play in the server if he is caught, and I promise that I will not wrong anyone, and I will take care that I give all Right and watch them
you can ask about me Rowroz or Vasilios or steven or BOOM These are both old players who know me and Vasilios He is my close friend. We contributed to the creation of a YouTube channel and brought you players. I have given you a lot. By God, I am eager to become addicted to you.
And I noticed 60% of the players daily are Arabs and we can help them because I am Arab and they do not find good English speaking, so we can talk to them and understand them and they can understand me when I warn them about something that is not legal and there is bad talk between people to stop them
And by the way, I work as a management manager for formations, language teaching and support lessons

My Name In Server Zombie escape : Kaniel Outis [ Old Name Sohaib DZ ]
hours Play : 23hrs [ The old time you played in server my old name 3 years or more ]
My Email :

Thanks <3
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