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Oct 4, 2008
Hello gamers,

pg will continue with forum and ze server cuz now we have good and free hosting. this resources (host) will be shared with other people but that will not affect any performance. ze server will have some changes updates in future. im seeking for new engine but as i can see developers are not updating any files (rehlds).

i will post what changes have been done, some models and commands are disabled cuz im seeking this crash problem.

baradok is currently support admin, all questions for admin membership you can ask him.

admin activity will not be active at moment, as we grow maybe it will live again.

forum multiple account will be perm banned and they are not welcome here.

since i start the server rats are there like in 30min with adv spam, server is auto checking them but it cant filter all so wee need admins asap. as i said ask baradok for permition on server.

ty all and hope server will have some good and friendly players.